Savage: Stop the 'I Bomb' on America

Calling the new comprehensive immigration reform bill the "I Bomb," top talk-show host Michael Savage vowed to "derail this train of treason."

Said Savage in an e-mail our "Culture [is] being destroyed by greed, greed, greed."

"Bush is the chief culprit. He's wanted this from day one. In fact, we played a sound bite yesterday of him gleefully looking forward to the Democrat-controlled New Congress last Fall! At last he could push through his ultra-internationalist agenda."

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., the chief proponent of the bill also "is now finished," he added.

"Romney is the new front-runner and will beat Hillary if he maintains his conservative positions, especially on immigration.

"I instructed my listeners to bombard Congress with millions of e-mails saying, 'No Amnesty . . . We'll Vote You Out.' I reminded them [that] we stopped the Dubai Ports Deal and we have the voting power to stop Bush from dropping the I Bomb on America.

"As of today, I think we are going to derail this train of treason. The I Bomb will be defused."
Savage Blog on Immigration